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    Is there a ‘one stop’ report to access to see how much levy has been drawn down for a learner?

    We have a learner transferring to another employer and continuing their apprenticeship.

    I’ve accessed year end reports and monthly apps payment reports but none of them add up. Ha ha, I know. DAS not helpful either.

    How do other providers work out the remaining levy for when a learner transfers.

    Grateful of advice.



    Ruth CJ

    We always just work it out manually, far easier than checking a report. One of my staff made a spreadsheet that does the calculations for you when you enter the original start and end dates, the original price, and the data of change of employer. It also tells you the contribution required for non-levy employers, and picks 5% or 10% based on the start date. Since we have a LOT of employer changes, it’s very useful.


    Original price x 0.8 = total on programme payments (TOPP)
    TOPP / Planned months = Monthly on programme payment (MOPP)
    MOPP x Completed months with first employer = Funding already claimed

    We then charge the new employer the original price minus the funding already claimed. The second employer always pays over the odds as they foot the entire bill for the completion payment.

    We do that calculation asap, as we need to know what to charge the new employer. We have a change of employer form that the sales team complete. They pass it to us, we do the calculations and hand it back. It also has details about whether we need to refund the original employer and/or invoice the new employer. It then goes to finance if either of those are required. My team make the changes to employer record and set up a new TNP once agreed.


    Martin West

    There is no such report, but you should be able to calculate what is remaining from the start date, duration and funding cap.
    Your training costs should be based on the training you will deliver to complete the Apprenticeship and not what levy funding is remaining.



    This is marvellous Ruth, many thanks. I didn’t think there would be an easier option. Manual all the way then. Your calculations really help.

    *cheeky request* Would you be willing to share the spreadsheet? I can message you.

    TOPP and MOPP – my 2 new fave things!



    Good point Martin, thank you.

    Ruth’s calculations have clarified.

    Really helpful.



    Ruth CJ

    Ellen – No problem 🙂 I’ve temporarily put my email in my bio if you click on my name.

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