DAS Issues – Apprentice Requests

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  • JamesB

    Is anybody else having issues with accessing certain parts of their DAS account? Currently I cannot verify apprentice requests from employers as every time I press the tab it comes up with cannot reach this page. This is getting incredibly tiresome so I was wondering if this was solely my issue or happening to others?



    We’re having all sorts of problems with it, too.

    We’re trying to get non-levy employers to sign up and either reserve funding or add permissions to us as a provider but they’ve reserved the funding and we can’t see it, and the permissions page is coming up with an error each time.

    It really doesn’t look good on us when these systems don’t work.



    Thanks for the input Access. I have raised an issue but hold little hope on this being resolved quickly. Have you also done the same?



    Yes this is being raised with the service desk.

    At a time when starts are extra precious, we could really do with being able to be paid for these starts!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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