Data Errors 13/14 Excel File on the HUB

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  • nell29

    Hi, anyone else experiencing problems opening their Data Errors File for 13/14 on the HUB (Contract Documents)? When I tried last week I kept getting error messages which I reported to Data Services. When I try now my egg timer just goes round and then it changes to not responding.



    You are not alone – I had trouble yesterday – in the end, after coming off their site and re visiting it finally worked. Good luck.


    Vicky Day

    I had the same issue when trying to use Google Chrome. Logged out and back in via Internet Explorer and it worked. Good luck



    If you still have Issues its better to Right Click and save the “target as” onto your desk top and then open from there as per a normal excel file.



    I cannot access either, our CDS advisor has provided me with a copy and told me to register my inability to open this document as a problem with Service Desk. I can click on the excel spreadsheet but it opens up as a load of rubbish on the screen not an excel spreadsheet at all. Makes no difference what browser I use or how many times I go into or come out of the hub.

    Service Desk have come back to me telling me that the incident is closed with the following as an explanation:

    The document set mentioned is actually an excel spreadsheet. If they are still unreadable to you please contact your CDS Advisor

    What can I say ………


    Paul Dallaway

    I’ve had a few issues opening Excel files from The Hub using Excel 2010. If I try and open it directly from the page it loops round the Hub login and then local (I think) proxy settings messages relating to my work login.

    I’ve been able to work round it by hovering over the Excel icon, right clicking file and selecting Open Link in New Window. I can save directly from there or try and open the file (although the latter isn’t consistent – it sometimes works and sometimes loops round to needing to enter Hub login credentials again). Our network team say there are no changes to permissions etc. at our end.



    Paul that worked – thank you

    I am using Excel 2007.

    Question is should we be having to do any of this??!!!


    Paul Dallaway

    That’s good – thanks.


    Caspar Verney

    Please can I ask someone at the SFA to comment on this thread? It is clear from what @sampage has said that the Data Service Service Desk are unable to help and that there is a real issue here affecting several/many Providers.

    After so much time the Hub really should not be suffering from such fundamental gremlins, in my opinion.



    Out of interest: where is this spreadsheet? Is this the one related to that letter from Una Bennett about errors in 13/14 that would need to be repaid?



    Nevermind, I found them on the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying “Beware of the Leopard”.

    Seriously though, they were on the Hub, under the Contracts & Finances tab, on the Contracts page, in the “Contract documents” section, in the folder labelled “2014/15”, on the second page, in an Excel document entitled “2014/15 Contract Document”, that when you hover on gives the alt text “13_14 Data Errors.xlsx”, which you can only open if you right-click > save target as..




    I suggest we all leave our comments on the feweek article (see Matt’s post above).



    Thanks for all your responses. I initially received an email from Data Services telling me that the file wasn’t there to view, but I could see it with my own eyes and I have four of them! I did contact them again to be told they would reopen the incident to which I am still awaiting a response. I did however follow all your helpful instructions and managed to open the file. Yipeeee

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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