Data match report: DLOCK_09

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  • CheDag

    The start date for this negotiated price is before the corresponding price start date in the employer digital account

    Any idea why this might come up, checked the ILR financial record is 21/10/19 and the DAS record is Oct 2019. Could there be any other reason why this is coming up as an error?



    Just had the exact issue and the Apprenticeship came back really quickly.

    The candidate is on a Standard since May 2019 with an EPAO ID in the ILR but no TNP2 record.

    Suggested fix is to create a new TNP1 and TNP2 both dated as Aug 1st 2019.

    Spent ages checking everything regarding Start dates before reporting it.



    This fix has not worked and now been escalated to tier 3 support.


    I’m having this error now too, please could you let me know if they come back with a fix?



    Hi All,

    Did anyone find a solution to this DLOCK_09? I’ve checked and the ILR start date matches with the TAS one, even checked the ILR extract file and there’s nothing wrong with it. It matches the TAS record so …i’m stumped!

    Thanks for any help



    Richard Phipps

    We’ve seen this error when an apprentice has progressed onto a second apprenticeship in the same academic year. The system can’t seem to work out why there are two separate learner records in our ILR data. So it tries to match the wrong ILR data against the wrong DAS record.


    Hi Richard

    Thanks for the reply.

    The learners in question are on their first apprenticeship with us…i’ve checked the PLR and cant see that they were with any other provider in the same year (although it does seem as though the PLR is only updated annually).

    The mismatch report is returning two lines per learner so as though it is reading two records but god knows where from!




    Richard Phipps

    Hi Jenny,

    Has the learner changed employer? You would need a new TNP record with a new start date if this is the case.



    Hi Richard,

    Not that we know of, they’ve all been with the same employer prior to the apprenticeship and remain with them.
    I’ve emailled the ESFA to see what they say,
    thanks again.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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