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    Good morning all,

    I wonder if you could help me with my query.
    Following the R02 return, we have received the Apprenticeship data match report based which states that there is ‘No matching negotiated cost of training and assessment found’. The apprentice is on a framework (£2000) start date 13/09/2017 and changed employer start date 31/07/2018.

    The team negotiated a new price with the new employer at £769 and this was recorded on the ILR as follows:
    – TNP2 – Total negotiated price- Financial code 3 – Residual training price with
    the new employer = £769 – Financial record date as 31/07/2018 and New employer ID also
    – New Apprenticeship contract type (Act) for new the new employer : I have not created as
    this is still a levy employer

    -TNP with the first employer was £2000: I left this on the ILR unchanged.

    Please we need your help to resolve this issue, as we don’t know where we have gone wrong. The new employer is also a levy employer: do we also need to create a new ACT as well?

    Please let us know.
    Thank you in advance.



    We have x3 with exactly the same error. All three relate to change of employer (Levy to Levy).

    I had our MIS supplier (Pellcomp) check our ILR data and they confirmed we were exporting accurate data. (Employer change date and residual price)
    Support ticket with data service was finally closed with explanation – “These issues relating to the price record not matching the Apprenticeship Service record are a known issue. We are currently working on a fix in preperation for R14.

    I hoped the errors would have been resolved after R02, however still the same.


    Martin West

    Hi Helen,
    Are you getting mixed up with the TNP records as you should not be using TNP 2 as this is for Standards only (Assessment price).
    It should be:
    TNP 1 13/09/2017 £2000
    THP 3 31/07/2018 £769
    You have to end the original act record and enter a new one starting 31/07/2018 for the new employer.



    Hi Martin,

    Apologies for the delay of my reply and thank you for your prompt response always.

    I think I am definitely getting mixed up.
    I will go ahead and make the entries as you advised.

    Thank you again for your help always.

    Robbie@Geas: apologies for the delay as well. Maybe you need to follow Martin’s advice as well, especially if your apprentices are all framework.

    Thank you again

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