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    Does anyone have any experience of how long the processing is taking on The Hub at the moment. I managed to submit a file at 11.15am and it is still thinking about it. Do I need to worry or just leave it for longer? Given I was unable to upload at all yesterday I feel I need to get one securely uploaded today.




    I uploaded at 11.16 so let me know when yours is done 🙂 I have known it to take a day and a half before. I guess with the Christmas break everyone is uploading at the same time



    I submitted two hours ago and it is still going through. I also submitted at 7.30 this morning and it went straight through so worth trying out of office hours if you can.



    It was broken last night, mended this morning and then broke again lunchtime. I rang the Service desk at 13.15 (I uploaded at 12.12 and it’s still submitting), and they confirmed that it had gone down again and I should leave it an hour before I ring back to see if there was any indication of when it might be mended (again).



    I submitted at 11:30, received an email with confirmation and now it is showing as submitted and being processed, but considering someone mentioned HUB broke again, I’m wondering if there is any point waiting in case the file is lost?
    Any new info would be appreciated. Thanks



    I submitted out of hours and it took 11 minutes. I submitted again mid-morning today and am still waiting. I am definitely going to have to consider the night shift!


    Chris, SFA

    Good afternoon

    I’ve just been advised that we have a small log jam in the system of around 100 files submitted between 11.10 and 13.00 today.

    We will start to resubmit these files so please don’t be surprised if you see Trevor Watson’s name (or any other of our colleagues’ names) against a report.

    If you are able to re-time and resubmit your files, this will speed up the process.

    Many thanks




    I did this morning whilst consuming my porridge! 0715 took just a few minutes.



    I did as advised by Chris – resubmitted a new file and it was back within 10 min.


    Caspar Verney

    Hi Chris,

    When the Hub be able to cope with a small log-jam of 100 files without causing this hiatus?

    Surely 100 submissions is not out of the ordinary?

    What specification is the system supposed to be able to handle?

    Many thanks,



    Hi everyone

    Following Chris’s earlier email, I have now completed reloading all files that failed in the window 11:10 – 13:02.

    Many have completed processing and the remainder will be allowed to process before the nightly reference data jobs are started. Please check your reports tonight/tomorrow.


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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