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  • jowright

    I have just logged a call and received an email as follows:

    The request that you submitted, Incident Number 515688 has been opened.

    You will be informed by a further email when the incident has changed status and an action is required by you. You can also monitor the log by accessing Self Service and clicking ‘Show All Incidents’.

    Does anyone know about this Self Service thing? Given that the call I was chasing has been outstanding since February, it would be useful to be able to monitor their progress. Also they keep changing the status of incidents to RESOLVED when they don’t know what else to do with it!!!

    I’m going on holiday now, in the nick of time before I completely lose the plot.


    Caspar Verney

    The self service thing sometimes says:

    Further information can be obtained via the Self Service Portal:


    However Magic it is not as it is not available to anyone outside the Data Service so sadly you cannot find out what is going on.

    I note that when you open a call it also says “The time from opening to resolving your query will depend on the nature and complexity of it.”

    If you have a call from February awaiting a response then that is not very old as I am still waiting for any response at all to queries I raised in November last year, despite repeated chasing!!!



    I just keep getting sent ‘literature’ to read and decipher and they then close my query !



    The Service desk used to be a place to go to if you had a question or wanted some advice on a grey area in the funding rules.

    My experience this year is if you phone them up to raise a problem they will not be able to answer it. They will then make a ticket based on something vaguely to do with what your actual query was. You then have to explain in a email exactly what you have just discussed. They will then reply with “look at the funding rules/ILR specification”. This still does not answer the question so then I email letting them know this. Then my ticket closes without a explanation. So I reopen the ticket. Ticket doesnt get answered.

    In previous years the data service were good. It is a shame that this valuable resource for providers has deteriorated to the state it has this contract year. I can forgive the data service a little bit due to the changes and I am sure they are in the same boat as us with not know what is actually ever happening but the service this year has been poor and the staff manning the phones do not know or understand the funding systems.


    Hi Folks

    The Service Desk has asked me to post the following message:

    The Service Desk uses the same system for calls from providers on data issues and from internal staff on IT issues. Part of this system is the MAGIC self-service portal. Internal Agency staff have access to the self-service portal, whereas external users do not.

    Because the Service Desk team uses one system with these two separate customer groups, the link to self-service portal remains in the emails to users outside the Agency. We apologise for any inconvenience or confusion this may cause.

    Although we can’t customise separate emails based on customer type, we will make changes to the emails you receive so as to make everything clearer. We will, of course, keep the whole system under review.




    My experience of the Data Service this year is exactly the same as chrislant1



    Hi Greta,

    Thanks for the reply from the data service. My issue is not to do with the systems but to do with the knowledge of the people manning those systems. I do not understand why quality of help desk personnel and the way the calls are managed has been compromised so much.





    I’ve just had an Invitation from them to complete a Customer Satisfaction Survey! It is completely inadequate to reflect the level of dissatisfaction we are all feeling. They clearly read this forum but still don’t seem to acknowledge any of the problems.


    Hi Folks

    The Service Desk are aware of your concerns and has asked me to post the following message:

    We are currently experiencing a high level of telephone calls for information and guidance, which is especially noticeable as we approach the close of the data return period.

    During these busy periods we bring in less experienced staff to answer the phones so that we can ensure a prompt service for customers. Please be assured that our more experienced team members are working through your tickets.

    We apologise for any inconvenience that you may experience and ask for your continued patience during this exceptionally busy time.


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