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  • Mukul Gupta

    Hi All

    Can I get the opinion of others as to what is meant by the term “First Full Level 2” as mentioned in the 2018-19 AEB Funding Rules under the Government Contribution Table where it says Level 2 (excluding English & Maths) (First full Level 2 must be delivered as part of the legal entitlement).
    The above, it goes on to say, is Fully Funded (first and full) for the 19-23 year olds.

    Does the first and full imply:
    1. someone who does not have even a single level 2/gcse grade A* – C; or
    2. someone who is (say) one short of all 5 gcse grades A* – C and therefore is not a
    full Level 2

    I’ll be grateful for your views on this.

    Thanks and with regards



    Martin West



    If someone has 4 or fewer GCSES A*-C/4-9 then they do not have a full level two and those under 23 are entitled to full funding on other full level two courses.


    Mukul Gupta

    Thanks Martin & Steve for your replies.

    I’m comfortable with the “full” component but am slightly confused with the “first” element of the “first and full”.


    Martin West

    You should read “First Full Level 2” in the context of the learners first full level two qualification e.g. that have not achieved a qualification that is a full level 2 before.


    Mukul Gupta

    Thanks Martin, much apreiated.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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