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    We have an apprentice who is currently able to undertake the ‘off the job training’ at the University currently, but for other reasons is not able to undertake the clinical work (in the NHS)… should this be recorded as a break in learning if we get to the four weeks? Practically she will not be down on hours and will receive enough ‘on the job hours’ to pass the course, even with this chunk missed. Will a BIL benefit us or her? Any advice would help!!



    Breaks in learning can only be used in the following circumstances.

    “When the apprentice takes a period of leave from their work, for reasons such as
    medical treatment, maternity or paternity leave, this will be a break in the training
    they are to receive (a break in learning).”

    so you cannot use a break. Why are you wanting to use one?

    Surely they are unable to pass the apprenticeship without clinical experience?



    Thanks for your response. There is unresolved issue at work, which means she is currently off work, but not sick, so it is a break and one that is likely to take her over the 4 week, but has been attending University. She has had clinical experience and will be resuming again soon, so she is meeting the requirements of the course… it was just a question as to whether the apprenticeship should include both elements (work and uni) and as she is off work only whether that constituted a break.


    Martin West

    The underlying reason for a BIL is to suspend funding where no training is taking place and to maintain the training duration when the learner returns to training.
    I would wait and see if the break does exceed 4 weeks and the circumstances require a formal BIL as this can be recorded in retrospect if needed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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