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    Looking for some guidance around the recording of destination tracking for AEB
    We use PICS and obviously follow up our learners at the given points, 3mths, 6mths, 9mths and 12 mths. Within PICS is a new record created for every contact or just for the one when they move into a positive destination?
    or is the record edited
    would be grateful for advice or pointed to any guidance
    Many thanks



    Why do you track their destination at 3,6,9 and 12 months?

    We only collect at the point of withdrawing/completing, even though you can continue to update it, its not a requirement.

    Paragraph 367 of the provider support manual may answer your question.



    Hi Jessicar

    Thank you

    It is a requirement for our Provider, just not sure how to record it on PICS – whether it is an update or a new record – the provider support manual gives examples but not really clear



    So paragraph 367 is saying you only have to return one destination record:
    If you record a destination or progression outcome for a learner that you later wish
    to update, for example if the learner confirms that they are still in a job at a later
    date, then you can update the original record and amend the collection date. A
    new destination record with the same outcome type and code does not need to be

    So if at the 6 month point, the learner still has the same destination as the 3 month point, you only return one destination as its the same thing, but just amend the collection date to the 6 month point. If their destination was different at the 9 month point i d add another record. However if you return 4 destination records and some were the same, don’t think it would cause any issues. Sorry no idea of how PICS works but just think of how it will look on the ILR in the xml file – you ll either return 4 different destination records (or rows) for the apprentice or you ll return 1-3 if you re amalgamating any together.

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