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    Could anyone advise me on a good digital signature service? We have trialled a few but they keep falling short in regards to GDPR in that they email a copy of the signed document to the person who signed it. Unfortunately this breaks GDPR in that some of the forms they are signing are full of learner details.




    Hi dependant on what its for have you tried your MI system



    Hi we use docusign. It depends how you set it up. For sign ups we send a learner reg copy out first that comes back to us. The rest of it is then sent out such as commitment statement and app agreement and this gets signed by learner, employer and TC.



    Yes our MI system offers the service but it is very expensive. We trialed E-sign but the issue we have is that once it is signed and comes back to us a copy is also sent to the learners email address, and as most of the stuff they are signing has very personal details and notes we are concerned about the security of the information being on the learners email. We run a Young peoples programme, so need signatures on assessments, ILP’s, and attendance documents.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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