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    We have AEB courses that started in the classroom about a week or so before the lockdown and have moved them to distance learning.

    What delivery post code do we put in the ILR? Where it started? Or the distance learning postcode ZZ99 9ZZ?

    What happens if the opposite happens, i.e. started as distance learning and then brought back into the classroom?



    Ooh, i thought this was straightforward, but the ILR Spec kind of contradicts itself, doesn’t it?

     Where delivery is at more than one location, record the postcode of the location at which the majority of learning is delivered.
     This should be the delivery location at start. There is no requirement for providers to update this information if the learner’s delivery location changes.

    but having said that, the second point doesn’t say you CAN’T change it if the location changes? I’d still go for basing it on the majority myself.

    Obviously, there are funding implications in terms of Area Cost uplift (assuming the classroom delivery is in London/South East!) so I’d be clearly writing down my justification and applying it equally across all provision affected. For providers where there’s no Area Cost uplift I wouldn’t bother messing about with it…



    Thanks Steve. This is the same dilemma I had when I read the two statements hence the query.

    The way I am looking at it is when we planned the provision that started before lockdown all the training was going to be done at that site so would use that delivery code throughout even if moved over to distance learning. Where provision has started after lockdown and is being taught by distance learning then ZZ99 9ZZ will be used.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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