DLock 07 and 10 Errors

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    I have raised an incident recently with the National Apprenticeship Service regarding DLock errors, I was advised to send the enquiry to technical support. Please see the response below, hopefully this might help sopmeone:

    “You recently raised an incident with the National Apprenticeship Service regarding DLock_07 and 10 error for a learner.

    The Technical Support team have been in touch today to let us know the following:
    The DLock_07 error is related to a known issue. The issue is due to a problem with the reporting, where the report is comparing a future price with a current one and displaying incorrect information in the report, we are aware of this and we are working to resolve the issue.

    The DLock_10 appears when a record has been stopped by the employer on their account. This DLock cannot be cleared and is expected when there is a stopped record. Providing the start month and end month is the same on the AS and the ILR there is no action needed, otherwise you will have to ensure the start and end dates are the same across the two systems.

    With this in mind, no further action is needed at this time. The DLock_07 may affect payments but once the problem is fixed by the Technical Support team you will receive any missed payments.

    If you are still having this same issue after R05 please get back in touch and Technical Support can look into this further for you.”

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