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    Can anyone help re DLOCK 7 please.

    We have 4 apprentices who started in academic year 18/19 with one entry recorded as TNP1 for total training costs inc EPA. This has since been amended and reduced with the difference being added to TNP2 (upon agreed EPA details and costs). The total of the two still matches the initial agreed costs but have been just been split.

    This was checked by the Service Desk when initially input and advised as ok.

    Thank you



    Yeah no, Service Desk is wrong.

    When this happens you need to have THREE TNP records, you CAN’T just amend the initial one because DAS is dumb. So, it needs to look like:

    TNP 1 [start date] £5000
    TNP 1 [date EPAO was agreed] £4000
    TNP 2 [date EPAO was agreed] £1000

    also, would strongly advise the date for the new records to be in 19/20.

    If you feel comfortable telling me, I’d really like the INC number where you were told this, I’m collecting examples to feedback to ESFA.



    Ah thanks Steve. I think I am on incident number 3 or 4 and it is now sat with the Apprenticeship service technical team.

    Will send them on after I have had a go of the above to see if we can resolve for R05.

    Thank you again



    Hi Steve

    If you could help us we would be very very grateful. We are a new provider who sadly were too honest when our EPA reduced their charges in June last year. We made the changes as per the funding rules and got a dlock 9 then made the changes as advise by the ESFA and got Dlock 7s and have since been given countless work rounds that don’t work so now we only apply whatever they say to 1 learner ( we have 5 with these errors) Ours has been going on for months and months, we have been escalated to the mystical tier 2 ( that we cant actually talk to) many times and nothing ever gets resolved although all say we have done nothing wrong and we can do no more it is their system that is not working. Suddenly 1 got cleared last month but weirdly this was a learner we had done nothing to. We have wasted soo many hours on these 5 learners now and not been paid for them since July 19!!



    Oh heck, sounds pretty awful, particularly now it’s cross years…

    you can ping me an email at steve.hewitt@fea.co.uk if you want, probably easier than trying to discuss on here.



    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for your response on this. I amended as you said and resubmitted and it removed the DLOCKs. So glad we put a post on:)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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