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  • Martin West

    This is still not being reported as a known issue, yet many providers have previously reported that the ILR and DAS accounts do match as shown on the DLOCK report.
    It seems the ESFA do not want to admit this is an issue, but we now have Employers and subcontractors complaining and the service desk is unable to resolve this when contacted by Providers.
    Providers are currently taking the brunt of these problems, they correct their ILR to match the DAS account but this in turn generates another Dlock that indicates they do not match but it reports that they do resulting in no funds from the Employers levy account, no payment to Provider and subsequently no payment to subcontractor.

    It looks like it is not an issue for them, but it is for the rest of us.


    Caspar Verney

    I have tried hard before to get things added to the Known Issues List and it always seems to fall on deaf ears which is so frustrating when it is clearly known and identifiable and reproduceable. I think there must be some game being played that lesser mortals out here and not allowed to understand.



    Martin West

    Hi Caspar,
    That’s the problem with Agile programming where they think documentation is not required.

    They have said ‘If this data is identical (relating to the error code and description you see on your data match report), you do not need to make any data changes. We expect your payments to be automatically adjusted following calculation improvements to resolve this issue’
    But this does not take into account that it can be incorrect dates that apply to the data that could be causing the error.

    If nothing is documented how do Providers and Employers know how to use this system?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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