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  • Claire_UoB

    We had some TNA learners whose EPA cost was reduced because of COVD. As a result, the total price has reduced, and I’m now getting a DLOCK_07. I’ve been on the DAS live chat and they’ve asked for an example, and said they’ll get back to me within five days. My question is: should we have increased the price of the training element by the same amount that the assessment element was reduced, so the total price remained the same? Or do I need to use DAS to try to persuade employers (who can be pretty reluctant to go anywhere near DAS) to go on and approve the new price?

    Thanks in advance


    Martin West

    You should pass the reduce cost of the EPA back to the Employers DAS account, you had your agreed training costs, I see no moral justification for doing otherwise.



    Not to mention trying to get it through audit!!!

    But yes, the removal of EPA costs on the Nursing Associate was a nice gesture, but I don’t think the EPAO fully realised the ADMIN it would cause…

    …they’d have been better off donating their income from the EPA to NHS charities…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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