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  • simonl

    Anyone had this before? The employer is not a levy payer but they are receiving a transfer so have a DAS account that is all set up but we are getting this error.

    Probably quicker than ask on here rather than wait for service desk!



    Hi Simonl

    In our latest Period 14 Data Matching Report we are getting all of our Transfers showing DLOCK_11 Not a Levy Paying Employer. I have reported this to the Service Desk at ESFA, but will welcome any help anyone can give with clearing this. I have contacted the receiving employer and there has been nothing changed on their payroll/HMRC side, so its only on the ESFA/Apprenticeship Service side.

    Here’s hoping ….. 17th deadline is getting closer.



    Hi Simon,

    I am also getting the same error. These were previously fine and we were receiving funding without issue. Then the system was updated and now it’s an error.

    I keep hoping it’ll be resolved but I’m going to log it with the service desk anyway.




    I’ve just received the following message back from the service desk


    Thank you for contacting the service desk.

    In this instance the employer will need to contact the National Apprenticeship Service on 0800 015 0600.

    If you have any further DLock queries please refer to the below link:


    Kind Regards,




    Thanks all, hopefully just an error on their side but have raised it anyway.



    I have our one and only Levy Transfer employer also showing with this error. We were also advised to get the employer to contact them directly when we raised it. After finally manages to get the employer to contact us back regarding this they have contact the Apprenticeship Service who have advised them it is raised with the Technical team and they will come back with 5 working days.

    Our employer did explain that this was showing on the R14 report as instructed by us. But they cannot guarantee it would be resolved by hard close, and reminded the employer that providers do have until Thursday at 6pm to complete their return.

    Personally I never send a return on the final day in case there are any additional issues which we all know can happen at the end. So frustrating.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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