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    I keep getting an error when running my DSATs as follows:

    Method ‘Run’ of object’_Application failed.

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

    I have contacted the kpmg helpdesk but have not received a response.




    Hi Chris

    I have just installed the new version and get the same error, so if you get a response from KPMG………….. :0)



    Martin West

    Things you may need to check:
    Are Access and Excel from the same Office version (cannot mix 2003/2007/2010).
    That Excel was not already open when you started DSAT.

    I am using ver.13 on windows 8, no problems.





    I am getting the same error but it only occurs when I select particular reports on the General Tab.
    All others seem ok. The four offenders are 130-01-004, 130-01-008, 130-01-104 and 130-01-108.
    Hope that helps.




    Thanks for all your replies. I have still not received a response from kpmg so I will contact them again.


    Martin West

    Hi All,
    I have tried to run DSAT again and I now get the same error as you all report.
    The error is generated after the third report and this is shown in the second report where only the first three have a new update date.
    I have not updated DSAT since 13 was released so I am wondering if this is an issue from Microsoft updates.
    If you are unable to run Excel after this error you may have to end the process through Task Manager.
    Looks like a problem for KPMG.


    Caspar Verney

    I have had the same problem and reported it to KPMG earlier this week – like you, still awaiting a response.

    I have had to revert to DSAT v13.11 to get any DSAT reports.

    The Data Service have said that it is a KPMG problem, but to call them again later next week if the issue is still unresolved.


    Caspar Verney

    I have just rung KPMG and Tim Scarlett is out of the office until Monday when hopefully he will look at this problem.


    Martin West

    Hi All,
    The error may be an issue with rerunning data as If I complete the following it all works ok and produces all reports from 130-01-04 through to 130-05-812:
    From DSAT Utilities
    Reload LIS_EXE.mdb
    Set Report Path (was set to different to previous)
    Select and Run all reports
    Tested on R09 with Windows 7 & 8




    Has anyone else tried Martin’s solution? I tried reloading the LIS_EXE and still get the error.

    Would have been good to have a response from KPMG!



    Martin West

    Hi Chris,
    I have re run all DSAT reports again today to produce the same results as previous.
    You may need to change the output path to a new directory using Set Report Directory with a dummy file name to overcome the requirement for an existing file in the directory.
    Windows 8 Pro with Office 10



    Hi I have had the same issue and got the below response from KPMG

    We have two major problems with DSAT v13.20.

    1) Reports 130-01-104 and 130-01-108 have been corrupted during testing and rectification. This in turn causes Reports 130-01-004 and 130-01-008 to have the same error. If you run DSAT v13.20 without using any of those reports it should run satisfactorily. However, an alternative is to revert to DSAT v13.11 which does not have the same problem but is also missing the cross reporting.
    2) The cross reporting is likely to fail owing to data issues. It has been found in relatively common circumstances that some fields used by the cross reporting have not been populated (they just have “null” values in them). Under these conditions the reports fail.

    DSAT v13.20 should have been removed from the Data Service website and replaced with DSAT v13.11 but it is noted that this hasn’t happened yet.

    DSAT v13.21 correcting the above issues is currently under test and will hopefully be released shortly.

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