DV_Learner Tables in FIS 19/20

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  • robinwilson16

    I am trying to establish what has happened to the data in the DV_Learner and DV_LearningDelivery tables in the new FIS as in the ILR1920 SQL Server database these tables are created but remain empty.

    After asking the question to the ESFA Helpdesk on 5th Sept and them twice marking my question as resolved (without actually giving me an answer) I am no further forward.

    I use this table for the age on 31st Aug and for if the qualification is a first full level 2 or 3 and possibly some other things too.

    Today they did finally tell me they have no plans to populate these tables but do we really now need to derive this information (e.g. age) or do without (first full L2) or am I missing something and is this now elsewhere?



    Martin West

    Hi Robin,
    In the original version of FIS the guidance was to use the mdb file as the SQL Server tables were intended for FIS internal working only.

    This has changed in the most recent version where the mdb file has been deprioritised and is currently not available together with a reduction in the tables that FIS uses.

    Where you previously used the mdb or accessed SQL server directly there has been unpublished changes that you will need to replicate in some other way as these are unsupported by the ESFA.

    Change Happens and it is normal to have to amend your reporting where you use the mdb or SQL Server data.



    Hello Martin

    Thanks for the reply.

    What I am trying to work out is if I need to now calculate things myself that were provided in the tables before in previous years. At a first glance this includes the age on 31st Aug and the first full level 2 and 3 flags. Do you happen to know where these now reside? I could calculate the DOB but cannot see a location for the first full level 2 and 3 fields.

    If they are going to stop providing a full dataset as they always have done this is going to make reporting the level of detail needed more challenging/impossible.

    I didn’t want to start making changes if they then decide to populate this table for R02 meaning I need to undo the changes made. it seems strange they create the table but then leave it blank.



    Martin West

    Hi Robin,
    Cannot help on the first full level 2 and 3 flags as not in the tables
    For age I use the following function for:
    ESFA Age at start = AgeYears([DateOfBirth],DMin(‘LearnStartDate’,’LearningDelivery19′,’LearnRefNumber=’ & Chr(34) & [LearnRefNumber] & Chr(34)))

    ESFA Age at 31/8 = AgeYears([DateOfBirth],#31/08/2019#)

    Public Function AgeYears(ByVal datBirthDate As Date, datFrom As Date) As Integer
    ‘ Comments: Returns the age in years
    ‘ Params : datBirthDate – Date to check,datFrom – at start
    ‘ Returns : Number of years
    ‘ Source : M West

    On Error GoTo PROC_ERR

    Dim intYears As Integer

    intYears = Year(datFrom) – Year(datBirthDate)

    If DateSerial(Year(datFrom), Month(datBirthDate), Day(datBirthDate)) > datFrom Then
    ‘ Subtract a year if birthday hasn’t arrived this year
    intYears = intYears – 1
    End If

    AgeYears = intYears

    Exit Function

    MsgBox “Error: ” & Err.number & “. ” & Err.Description, , “modDateTime.AgeYears”
    Resume PROC_EXIT
    End Function



    Thanks Martin

    It looks like this may be the only option to derive age ourselves and make do without the rest of the info.
    I have had a few responses from the ESFA but each time it doesn’t answer my question as to where this information now resides so either they don’t know or I am not asking the right person. If I ever get an answer I will post it here.

    Thanks for the help.

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