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  • Matt

    Do the EFA have any rules around taking on learners who are already enrolled at a college elsewhere?


    Martin West

    Hi Matt,
    Principles and condition of funding includes ‘Institutions must not record funding for students who are enrolled on study programmes funded by EFA at other institutions’

    Enrolment at more than one EFA-funded institution
    58. While the EFA recognises that students may occasionally enrol at more than one institution, groups of students enrolled on a full time programme at one institution should not be enrolled for funding purposes on part-time programmes with other institutions, including through sub contracted provision. For example, it would not be appropriate for several students enrolled on a full time sports and leisure programme to be enrolled at another institution to undertake a first-aid or sports coaching qualification.

    You could charge the other institution instead.



    Thanks Martin



    Just curious to know how would the other institution know if the learner was enrolled elsewhere if they do not self-declare this?
    I heard of an independent provider referring apprentices to the local college to do their GCSE E&M and the college was unaware these were apprentices on someone else’s ILR


    Martin West

    Hi @qualityman,
    It is very possible that the EFA will be cross checking in year for instances of funding claimed for learners on other providers ILR’s therefore institutions should have procedures in place if they wish to avoid the recovery of funding.
    If Providers have knowingly done what you have suggested then they not only risk the funding they have drawn down for the learners but they may also place at risk any future allocation from the EFA.
    It is not an if or but rule it is a ‘Must Not’.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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