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    Please can someone advise if we are able to recycle Vulnerable Bursary Funds from 13/14 to 14/15?

    Many thanks,



    Hi Kate, fortunately for me someone else here administers our Bursary funds, but I od the reporting through ILR etc. My understanding is the vulnerable bursary you claim on a per student basis, so it theory shouldn’t have anything to recycle? Do you mean the Discretionary Bursary? Our expert is away this week or I’d check.



    Thank you for coming back to me.

    My concern is if learners haven’t received the full amount for a reason (i.e. no attendance, left early) and we are still holding funds…. what do we do?



    My understanding is that any unused Vulnerable Bursary for 13/14 is recycled into the discretionary bursary from May 2014, as is the case for 14/15. There is guidance on the Vulnerable Claim Form:

    From 1 May 2015, institutions can recycle any vulnerable bursary funding claimed in 2014 to 15, but no longer required, into their discretionary bursary funding.

    It also says: A figure for recycled funding should only be entered if an institution has received at least one payment from the LSS for vulnerable student bursaries for the 2014 to 2015 academic year. We recognise that some institutions will have funds available to them, carried over from the previous financial year, which they can use to support students with discretionary bursaries.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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