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    We have an 18 year old Apprentice learner that has completed a EHC Plan form in order to receive the £1000 bursary payment.

    The learner’s attendance has been sporadic and he has now resigned from his apprenticeship employer after being employed for 71 days. However our register of attendance/log books show that he has only been on programme for 49 days!

    Where do we stand with regards to paying the £1000 bursary?

    It states that the college will received payment 60 days after apprentice start. Based on attendance they are not entitled to it but learner will argue he was employed for longer.

    Then we have the added bonus of them counted as being a “Not Achieved” in our Achievement Rates!



    They have to have been active in their apprenticeship for the required duration. That’s not necessarily the same as the length of time that they were employed.

    Basically, it’ll depend on how many days passed between his start date and his actual end date in your data. If that’s not 60 days, then you won’t receive the payment to forward on to him anyway. If it is, then you will receive it and you will have to forward it on.

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