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  • Steve Bowler


    I don’t suppose any of you have started seeing the EmpId_01 error on the Rule Violation Report? It says ‘Employer identifier’ is wrong. We can’t find the number you’ve provided on our system. Check that the ‘Employer identifier’ is correct. You can use 999999999 if you’re waiting for an employer ID to be allocated.’

    I haven’t had this before this month, the number looks fine to me. I checked with the Service Desk, they said it looked fine and to check with EDS Bluesheep, I’ve done this and they said the number is fine and to check with the Service Desk!

    So I’m a bit stuck at the moment, would rather not use 999999999 but will have to if it’s not resolved before cut-off…

    Any ideas/experience of this?





    If it is a new number it may take time to update through the systems.

    Seen this before, give it a day and upload again


    Steve Bowler

    Thanks for the reply Mark, unfortunately it isn’t a new number and it’s a week since I first queried it with both parties 🙁



    Is your Rule Violation report from FIS or the HUB?



    HUB or rather SLD



    I don’t think FIS makes that check.

    Check that the number is formatted correctly i.e. no leading space.

    If it is not that, get EDRS/bluesheep to issue another number, explain to them that it is being rejected by the ESFA.



    Long shot but is it being outputted in your xml file from your MI System?


    Martin West

    For some reason the SLD cannot match in their employer table, as you have had this for a while and both ends cannot resolve then follow the advice from Mark and get a new number.



    Just exported and go this showing up in rule violations with a number of my Learners who have been happily on programme with no errors for well over a year and just started this period. It’s bad enough getting updates from bluesheep as it is on a normal day to day basis.

    I’ve just logged it with the ESFA as all of a sudden we’ll be getting no money for these as they won’t be exported. Not happy.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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