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    Just wondering if anyone can help, we have a learner who is employed but working under 16 hours per week so is also claiming Universal Credit.

    When adding them to the ILR we are getting the 3 following errors.
    EmpStat_08 – LearnStartDate=20/01/2020|FundModel=35|- An Employment status record has not been returned that applies prior to the Learning start date

    ESMType_11 – DateEmpStatApp=20/01/2020 00:00:00|- The Employment status monitoring type and code is not valid for the Employment status date

    LearnDelFAMType_75 – LearnDelFAMType=LDM|LearnDelFAMCode=363| – The source of funding is not valid for this Learning delivery monitoring code

    Just wondering if anyone could advise, we have tried changing the date status applies from and getting no luck.



    Martin West

    Hi Craig,
    It is the date used for ES it must be before the start date (Prior)

    252. Data about a learner’s employment status prior to enrolment must be collected in all cases when a learner first enrols with a provider. There is no defined time period for “prior to enrolment”, unless defined by the learner’s programme. If there is any doubt as to what should be recorded, you are expected to use your judgement based on the individual learner’s circumstances.



    OK, so the easy fix is the Employment Start Date must ALWAYS be at least the day before they start, so if you make it 19/01/20 that will fix the first one (and possibly the second).

    The third is more complicated. Why have you got 363 on the record if you’re claiming them as “unemployed” rather than Low Wage? Also, which Source of Funding are you using? If the learner is from a devolved area, LDM 363 isn’t valid anyway, you need to use DAM 010 for devolved Low Wage.

    Where i’ve got UC under 16 hours a week learners (devolved or not), i’d set them to the following:

    EmpStat = 10
    EEI = 5 or 6 (0-10 or 11-20 hours)
    BSI = 4

    Which “counts” as Unemployed per the definition of the derived variable DD28 in the validation rules (yes, I *am* a lot of fun at parties…)

    (As an aside, any UC claiming learners on *more* than 20 hours (which is perfectly possible) cannot be fully funded this way and need to be done as Low Wage)



    Thanks for the help, that’s great and the error has now gone from our ILR.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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