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    We have a large provider who has been paying out of their Levy for learners for the past few years. They would now like to transfer these learners to be funded out of a local subsidiary company who now has their own Levy pot. Can anyone point me in the right direction for how to do this. I had a similar situation last year where one company was taken over by another company and we had to move learners to a new Levy pot; I am not happy with the way that this worked out. I followed advice from ESFA but have now identified that we have not been paid the funding I was expecting.


    Ruth CJ

    Have they actually changed employer, or are they employed by a company that was a connected organisation of the original levy payer, but have now got their own, unconnected, levy pot?

    If the former, then you just deal with it like a change of employer, same as you would with a takeover. What advice did ESFA give you for the company takeover? It should have been the same as any change of employer, and the funding should have been fine.

    If the latter, I’d seek ESFA advice. I suspect it’s similar though; add a residual price in a given month, get the first levy pot owner to stop their DAS records that same month, and get the new levy pot owner to set up a new DAS record also in the same month. The difference being no new employment history record. Work out the residual price same as for a change of employer.



    Thanks Ruth

    Your second option is what I will be trying to do for this new employer request.

    My previous attempt has 8 learners with my MIS ILR amended exactly what you are suggesting above – however I have 3 that are funded okay in R14 and R02. 2 that are in R14 but not in this years Indicative earnings at all. 3 that are in R2 Indicative funding, but do not appear at all in R02 Apps Monthly Payments Report. None of them appear as DLOCKs, so I am still stumped.

    I have sent a list to ESFA for them to look at why we are not getting funding.

    Hopefully get a reply soon.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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