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    We have a learner who was eligible for the 10% co-investment waiver due to being 18 when the apprenticeship started.
    However, the learner started with a previous provider and transferred to ourselves once she was 19. Therefore, she was in effect 19 on start date with us (provider two).
    Will we need to collect 10% of the new negotiated price? It appears that we do as the learner is showing on the latest co-investment report from P3 even though we have the learner marked as a restart and have the employer marked as ‘small’ in the ILR.

    Thanks for any help



    I have always gone with a learners age being determined at the start of their programme. The only change has been to their employer so I would say the learner is still 16-18. Perhaps this is something the co-invest report is not taking into account or perhaps the ruling has now changed.


    Ruth CJ

    If you don’t collect the 10%, I think you automatically won’t earn the 20% completion payment, and the ESFA reserve the right to withdraw the 90% from you.

    I think you’d need to code it as a Restart and put in an Original Start Date. PSM says;

    Restart indicator
    312. This must be used to indicate that the learner has restarted a learning aim or
    apprenticeship programme. The Restart indicator should only be used if the
    learner is returning to a learning aim they have previously started on, for example
    after a break in learning or if the learner has transferred from studying the same
    learning aim with another provider.

    You can do that on the programme aim if it’s the exact same framework/pathway, or standard. That should fix the co-investment report I think.



    Thanks both.

    The programme aim is already coded as a restart as it is the exact same programme that they have restarted on.

    I could update with original start date as well as we happen to know what this is, but this wouldn’t always be known for provider transfers and PSM says that this is only returned if known for mergers or take-overs?

    Thanks again


    Ruth CJ

    Table 6 in the PSM does say about the OG Start Date “Data returned if known for mergers or take-overs”, but that’s for AEB. The guidance on provider changes for funding 36 doesn’t say what to do. I think you need to contact the Service Desk, but you’ll be lucky if you can get them to do anything other than inaccurately parrot the PSM back to you. I think I would just chuck in an Original Start Date, as I think it would solve the problem, though I do take your point that you might not always know.


    Cris Hale

    I know this is somewhat late, but it is the same contract year, so…

    There’s a FAM code, EEF or eligibility for enhanced apprenticeship funding, which under FM 36 apparently relates to the incentives. It may also affect funding overall, and just not be referenced in the documentation. Page 80 of the Provider Support Manual seems to support the idea that it should be used, at any rate.

    Specific to funding though, I suppose they’d just need to check that the restart data is there and that the contract is still with the same employer (i.e. ERN number) as before the transfer. It can’t hurt to have the original start date anyway, but you’ve probably done that by now.

    Further to Ruth’s first comment, I think any other aims should have restart data too, if you happen to know the details of their previous course. In reference to Ruth’s second comment, I agree, they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about at the Service Desk.

    Hope that helps,



    Martin West

    For apprenticeships funded through Funding model 36, the Learning Delivery FAM type ‘Eligibility for enhanced apprenticeship funding’ (EEF) should be used to indicate eligibility for additional payments:

    EEF2 – Entitlement to 16-18 apprenticeship funding where the learner is 19 or over – The apprentice is restarting a programme on or after their 19th birthday and was aged 16-18 when they originally started.

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