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    We have had a few learners who have changed employers and the new employers have always agreed to continue paying towards the qualification. However we have one that refuses to pay and the learner is only half way through their standard. Has anyone else come across this and how have you dealt with it?

    Thanks in advance



    Unless you can get the employer to back down on it, that’s going to be a withdrawal. Potential downside for the employer in that case is that they’ll have to start paying that employee the national minimum wage at least, if they’re not already.

    If the learner really wants the qualifications, they could potentially continue them as a learning loan. That’s not going to stop it from being a withdrawal on the apprenticeship, though.


    Martin West

    There is no point in me saying you should have informed the employer prior to the start that they must co-invest 10% and that you should have agreed this and a payment schedule with the employer.
    If you have no legal agreement with the employer, the only option you have is to withdraw the Apprentice as you will be unable to provide evidence that the employer contributions have been collected.



    Thanks Martin, they only started the new job yesterday. It’ll be a withdrawal unfortunately but I think the learner loan is a great suggestion, thanks Spats as the learner won’t be disadvantaged 🙂

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