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  • simonl

    Do we need to record an employer identifier for AEB funded learners? We have one who said she was self employed but she works as a Nanny so in reality is employed by a couple who are not set up as a business so can’t provide an EDRS number.


    Sue Bishop

    Simon, I think the question to ask is does the learner organise her own tax and NI, or does the employer do this through one of the facilities available? That will be the decider as to whether she is employed or self employed.

    You can get an EDRS number for the employer if the learner meets the employment status criteria (I don’t do AEB, so don’t know what the criteria is). You just need to request the EDRS in the normal way, using the employer name rather than company name. They don’t need a UTR to get an EDRS.




    Thanks Sue

    It sounds like she classes herself as being employed by the couple she works for however is paid through BACS by another company called Nanny Tax.
    I think we will try using Nanny Tax as the employer and just hope they are ok to verify their details on the EDRS.




    You don’t need an employer id for any AEB, only the employment status!!! It’s only required for Apprenticeships and some, very old, ESF programmes!!!

    Excitingly (!) there isn’t a validation rule to stop you, but it’s very clear in the ILR Spec that it’s not for AEB.



    Thank you Steve, funny as I thought it was not required but was told otherwise by someone who should know better!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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