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    Just a quick question, when an apprentice changes employer mid way through their apprenticeship (but not employment status – therefore they are still employed), does anyone update the employment staus of the ILR? The guidance used to state that for change in employer, we did not need to update the URN, however, when it comes to employer surveys, the info from the ILR is then incorrect for a few learners that have changed employer.

    What does anyone else do?



    Caspar Verney

    There is no compulsion within the notes, as you have already identified. The 2012-13 ILR Specification says:

    “There is no requirement to add a new employment status record if a learner’s employer changes during their workplace training. However as this is not validated, additional records can be included and will not cause validation errors. The Employer Responsive funding calculation uses the Employer id of the employer at the start of learning.”

    I also had a battle with the IA at the start of the year about this as the LIS does not validate any employment status after the start and hence you can return rubbish or invalid data without any response.

    Employer surveys can only be valid for the initial employment status entry because of the lack of validation and because the specification tells us not to update the ILR data.

    I would expect that at some point this will change, but for this year there is no need to submit a change via the ILR.

    Anyone else read this differently?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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