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    It is not clear to me for Framework apprenticeships, if the learning end date, actual end date and achievement date is all the same. We have been using the learning end date (the last day delivered learning) as the ACE deceleration and this is the end date recorded on the AIMs. No ‘Achievement date’ is recorded – we amend the outcome accordingly.

    Looking through the new ILR specification – and thinking about the new standards it looks as though we have to record the learning end date as the actual end date – as before, but then when we update the outcome we should then change the date to reflect the achievement date (as we have to include the assessment period) which should be the last assessment date. – Or should it be the certificate date?

    So 2 questions really
    1. Do i need to update the Actual end date field when we change the outcome (from the learning/delivery end date to the ‘achievement’ date) – and is the achievement date the certificate date or the end point assessment period date?

    2. Do we need record a separate achievement date in another reporting field? – if so what is this field to be called as we currently only have Actual End date


    Martin West

    The achievement date is not recorded for Apprenticeship Frameworks, its only used to record EPA completion for Standards.



    Thank You Martin,

    Can i confirm then,I need to request a separate Achievement Date field to be added to our MI reporting system for standards? Which will differ from the Actual end date/AIM End dates – which will still be reported as per the specification (As of yet we are not delivering Standards)

    For standards I understand the actual end date for the Programme AIM the EPA date, and the other component AIMs are the last day of learning. Correct?

    And (if it is to be reported separately) is the achievement date the EPA date? or certification date?

    Your help is much appreciated.

    Kindest Nina


    Martin West

    It is all a bit confusing as the Achievement field does not record achievement for standards but the completion date of the EPA.

    For apprenticeship standards on a programme aim, where the learner has not completed all learning activities by 1st August 2019, the Learning Actual End Date will be completed after all learning has taken place and does NOT include the end point assessment period.

    The Achievement field is an existing field used for trailblazers and traineeships so should already be available in your MI system.




    Thanks again,

    It is extremely confusing

    We actually use a bespoke MI that we have created ourselves so i need to go back and ask the programmers to add this achievement field. Our Standards will begin delivery after the 1st August 2019.

    Therefore; all standards will require the Actual End date to be the Last Day of Learning and the Achievement date is the EPA date…
    e.g. programme delivery end date = 01.12.2020 (recorded as the Actual end date and Prog AIM end dates) and Achievement date = 01.02.2021 (date at which all assessments have been completed and portfolio submission deadline)

    I feel like a nuisance but i need to make sure I’m getting the programmers to include the right fields and we are reporting correctly.

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