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    We’ve realised that perhaps we have over compensated on the course lengths being put in on the apprenticeship service and ILR uploads for some of our learner’s course duration, we have gone for the max recommended duration along with a further couple months or so to allow for EPA.

    On reflection and further knowledge we understand that we only have to put on up to the gateway point? Is that correct?

    Also we can have a shorter length of the course where we feel the learner can complete the course earlier. (As long as over the minimum 12 months? )

    Obviously commercially this would be much better for us with funding split across a shorter time period, however we would need to amend the end dates for.

    We would obvously have to get the client to approve amended end of training dates in the apprenticeship service along with amending our ILR uploads,

    Could someone please advise on the best practice process/steps for doing this along with what is and isn’t acceptable regards to changing end dates?


    Martin West

    While I understand your dilemma the funding rules and ILR guidance is very specific with regard to changes to start and planned end dates and no changes are allowed outside of the 42-day qualifying period except to correct input errors.

    For the apprenticeship standards, the programme aim Learning planned end date must include both the training and end point assessment period.

    5.3.2 Changes to the Learning start and end dates
    448. These fields inform the funding received. You must not make any changes to the start or planned end dates after the funding qualifying period, except to correct errors.
    449. If the learner is transferring to a new learning aim or programme, then the existing programme aim or learning aim must be closed and a new programme and/or learning aim(s) created.
    450. The Learning planned end date must be entered at the start of the learning aim. It is important that this date is set realistically based on a range of factors including the learner’s initial assessment, delivery patterns and historic performance.
    451. You must not update the Learning planned end date once it has been entered, even if the learner continues on the learning aim beyond that date. If a learner continues their learning beyond the planned end date this should be reflected in the Learning actual end date field; the Learning planned end date must remain unchanged.

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    Thanks Martin. What’s the expected amount of time to include in the ILR for end point assessment period?


    Martin West

    The End Point Assessment (EPA) can only be triggered after 12 months of starting the apprenticeship and is dependent on when the employer and training provider decide the apprentice is ready.
    The ESFA have added 7 days to the minimum duration for standards to give an overall standards minimum duration of 372 days.
    You will need to check the assessment plan and requirements of the chosen EPA organisation as the expected duration for this part of the program varies depending on the standard being undertaken, as an example for L3 Business Administrator the EPA is typically expected to conclude within 3 months.

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