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  • Simon

    Are there any other providers out there having trouble with the EAL Learning Aims on the Engineering Framework.

    3 Extended Diplomas expired at the end of June with no replacement available: 60017004, 60017636, 6001829X.

    The replacements are now showing in LARA with a start date of 9/9/13: 60097942, 60099318, 6009932X. But LARA doesn’t have 13/14 data in it, so how do we know if we can sign learners up to these aims?

    Any help appreciated.


    Martin West

    60017004, 60017636, 6001829X qualifications are listed in the SFA speadsheet as part of an Apprenticeship Framework confirmed for public funding as part of the single adult skills budget (2013/2014)
    It looks like the change date is in September but as the new qualifications are not included on the 13/14 spreadsheet? you may need to wait for LARS but who knows, best solution try Service Desk



    Thanks for the reply Martin.

    We have put somebody on 60017636 with a start date of 11/7/13 and went through R12 ok, it’s now showing up as an error because the effective to date is 1/7/13. So frustrating.



    You may just need a pathway of 9 as the 0 pathway has expired.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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