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    We have a number of students who did not achieve a Grade 4 in either English Lang or Lit this summer and have rejoined us for a year.
    The DFE guidance seems contradictory and we want to check our courses are going to be funded.
    We have students who achieved a Grade 3 in Literature and a 2 in Language. To achieve funding for them can they just redo the Literature (it is a valid course on LARS) or does it have to be Language? Could they do functional skills level 2 or does it have to be GCSE for the funding?





    Hi Sarah

    You can’t deliver English Literature or English Language and Literature to meet the COF delivery requirements. It only counts for prior attainment. The LARs EFA CoF Type category tells you if the course counts in relation for delivery requirements.

    Learners who have a grade 3 in Literature and a 2 in Language can do a stepping stones qualification to meet the conditions of funding.

    Kind regards, Anna

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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