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    We have a few apprentices that have end dates before 1st August. They have completed but we are waiting for EPA dates. This might not be done before the R14. They are currently down as 2-8 but how do we record the achievement after the R14?



    Martin West

    If the learner has completed all learning activities and begun EPA after 1/8/2019 then the last day in learning does not include the EPA and the achievement date records the date it was completed.


    Ruth CJ

    You need to push the enrolments (as 2/8) into 19/20. We’ve always had a bunch of enrolments where they completed in one year, but we still didn’t have a result until the R14 was closed. We wait right up until we do the final R14, then get all the 2/8 enrolments and push them into the following year. Then you have to make sure your Exams team don’t accidentally put the result in 18/19 after it’s closed!



    Thanks for this.
    So if the learner end date is 31/7/19 do I carry the learner forward into 19/20 with these dates?


    Ruth CJ

    All the data in the 18/19 records should be the same in the 19/20 records, until you complete the 19/20 records after R14 closes. So, yes, keep the same Actual End Date.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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