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    At a recent external conference i attended, we were advised not to enter in actual costs for the EPA as the TNP02 costs are assessment costs not just EPA costs, and so advised not to start matching TNP02 to invoices from EPAs.

    However on reading the ILR spec this is totally the opposite and TNP02 is only EPA costs.

    Has everyone been doing this? Are you recording actual costs?

    Also is anyone realistically having the employer negotiate the price of the EPA with the EPA itself? It just seems inefficient that every employer has to negotiate individually. And how does this price info get back to you as a provider to pass on the costs to the EPA. Does the employer have a written agreement with the EPA to say £xx amount has been agreed?

    The funding rules just seem to be very impractical!



    Martin West

    Most Employers are guided by the Provider when selecting the EPAO and agreeing the price although some larger Employers are able to negotiate directly and obtain reductions in the price.
    When the EPO and price have been agreed the funding rules require that the Provider must contract with the EPAO and it is the contracted price that is entered in the ILR and subsequently paid to the EPAO by the Provider on behalf of the employer.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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