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    Can someone help, I have a learner who has just taken EPA and failed and is now going on maternity leave. currently no further learning is required to resit the epa and all funding has been used.

    Do I exit the learner as a non achiever and end the aim? and what do I do if the learner wishes to return after 9 months, or do I have to create a break in learning.(This will also delaying the achievement payment)

    Thank you


    Sue Bishop


    I haven’t experienced this yet, but have read various threads related to this topic.

    The programme aim should be marked as completed but not achieved. If your learner returns from mat leave and successfully achieves following an EPA retake, then you can simply change the not achieved to achieved (hopefully this will be before R14 submission as I’m not sure you could change it afterwards, think that would depend on your MIS – I’m pretty certain you couldn’t if you are using the learner entry tool because there would be no rollover with this learner).

    Hope that makes sense. Marking the programme aim as completed will generate the achievement payment I believe.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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