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  • Shannon

    Our EPA organisation ID has recently been assigned and I have a question about the date for the newly split TNP 1 and TNP 2 records.

    Previously, while the EPA org id was not assigned, TNP 1 was the total training price and the associated date was the start date.

    Now that the EPA org id has been assigned and the TNP 2 amount is going to be split out, what date should be associated with the new TNP 1 and TNP 2 amounts? Is it the date the EPA org and price were agreed or date of expected EPA period. Fairly certain it is the date the
    EPA org ID was agreed, but would like to be sure.

    Many thanks in advance,


    Martin West

    TNP 1 should have only been entered as your training costs only and not the total.
    You will have to add new records for TNP 1 and 2 from a date in the current year when the change is to be effective from (example for September) as per the following
    TNP 1 Training cost 01/09/2020
    TNP 2 EPA cost 01/09/2020



    Yes, main thing is not to put it before 1 August or badness occurs.



    Thanks for your replies. I should have indicated that the ESFA has known since the
    apprenticeship began in 2018 that we would also be the EPA org.
    We were just waiting to get the EPA org ID number assigned.
    At the start of the apprenticeship, we were told we could enter the
    total price (training and assessment) for TNP1 while we waited to have the EPA org assigned.

    So previously,
    TNP1 = 10000 (start date)
    and now, with EPA org ID assigned will be
    TNP1 = 9000 (date EPA ID assigned)
    TNP2 = 1000 (date EPA ID assigned)

    Does this sound correct?




    Yes, but make sure the new date is after 1 August.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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