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  • Lauren Mc


    Could someone clarify this for me please. I have 6 learners that entered gateway in July 2020 I updated the ILR fields, for R12 and they have been report as such in R1:

    Completion Status: 1
    Learning actual end date: 22/07/2020
    Outcome: 8
    Achievement date: Blank

    However, these learners still haven’t passed gateway and I doubt they will before R14 cut off. should I leave them as they are or do I need to move the actual end date into this contact year?(That scares me!)

    Its just the PSM 19/20 page 43, has this example, where the actual end date and achievement date match as it crossed years!

    Example 2: A learner who has completed their learning activities before 1 August 2019 and
    completed the end point assessment on 15 August 2019 and passes. File submitted
    September 2019.

    Learning start date 01/07/2018
    Learning planned end date 15/08/2019
    Completion Status 2
    Learning actual end date 15/08/2019
    Outcome 1
    Achievement date 15/08/2019



    Martin West

    Hi Lauren,
    The example (2) was only for those who completed learning prior to 1 August 2019, as this learner has an actual end date after this date and they have not completed the EPA in 19/20 you would carry them over to 20/21 and record the completion in the 20/21 ILR.
    You should not enter any completions after 31/07/2020 in R14.

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    Lauren Mc

    Thanks Martin,

    So just to make sure: I leave the ILR as it is for those learners 1,8 & 22/07/2020 then update the achievement and completion status when it arrives from the EPAO, even if that be October or November regardless of R14?


    Martin West

    That’s correct nothing goes in R14 19/20 dated after 31/07/2020 it will be claimed in 20/21.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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