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    We have Levy learners who are now ready to take their EPA.
    The employer has confirmed who the EPA is and the price.
    We have updated the ILR with the EPAO and Price but we’ve recorded the ‘effective date’ as the date when it the EPA was agreed and not the original start date… will this cause a mismatch?

    For example, learner started Sept 2017, EPAO/Price has been agreed Jan 2019 so we’ve recorded the effective date for the EPA price as Jan 2019.

    Has anyone had this yet? We use PICS.



    Looking at page 89/90 of the Provider Support Manual 2018/19 v2:

    An apprentice starts an apprenticeship standard programme on 1 August 2018. A training price of £13,000 is agreed prior to the start of the programme. An end point assessment price of £2,000 is later agreed on 1 February 2019. This is recorded as:

    AFinType AFinCode AFinDate AFinAmount
    TNP 1 01/08/2018 13000
    TNP 2 01/02/2019 2000

    So from that I think what you have done is correct.



    Thanks! Its the whole digital account, it has a mind of its own and once it goes wrong its a real hair puller!



    We have experienced issues with DAS data mismatches: if the EPA organisation hasn’t been declared at the outset the initial TNP1 record represents the total Price. You may have to submit a second TNP1 record showing £11,000 with effective date the same as the TNP2 (in your example 01/02/19)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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