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    2 questions:

    I appear to have ‘lost’ Record number 1 in the App Financial Record?? I was putting in the TNP for the EPA price & now it shows as Record 2 & 3 (total training price) & total assessment price). I think I deleted 1. Why doesn’t it go back to 1 & 2 & Does this matter? It’s not bringing up any errors….

    Also, why is it showing a warning ‘Afin type 10′: EPA price is missing’ when the EPA price is the assessment price? I can’t find anywhere else to put the price…?

    many thanks,




    Ruth CJ

    That sounds odd. Does your system increment some numbers somewhere?

    The only number we put on a financial record (other than the price), is the Financial Code, which we manually control. If those get changed, you have a problem.



    Many thanks Ruth. I re-done the TNP data for this & it seems to have righted itself as Record 1 & 2 & no errors so hopefully that’s fine but do you have an answer for why I still get a AfinType10 warning for this apprentice when I have the EPA cost as the total assessment price in TNP/Total assessment. As previously stated, I can’t find anywhere else to put this price…?




    Ruth CJ

    There must still be something wrong with your data. The full rule details for AFinType_10 are;

    If the programme is an apprenticeship standard (LearningDelivery.ProgType = 25 and LearningDelivery.AimType = 1), then an end point assessment price should be recorded

    (error where there is no record where (AppFinRecord.AFinType = TNP and AppFinRecord.AFinCode = 2 or 4)

    (This rule is not triggered by non-funded apprenticeship standards (LearningDelivery.FundModel = 99 and LearningDelivery.ProgType = 25)

    If you’re sure your system has a record with Type TNP and Code 02, and it’s attached to the programme aim (aim type 1), then check your actual xml output to see if it’s a problem with the data getting exported out of your system into the xml.

    EDIT: Unless you use the ILR Entry Tool, and then I have no idea as I’ve never used it.

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