EPAO validation switching to an error from R12

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    Natalie Hales

    For more information regarding the EPAOrgID_01 validation rule switching from a warning to an error from R12 please read the blog:



    Cris Hale

    Hi Natalie,

    I am getting this rule, but I think it must be in error. I have no way of knowing though, as the register of EPA Orgs doesn’t say anything about what dates they apply to, as the validation rule does.

    Where can I get this information? I’m fairly sure it must be wrong.

    For example, I have a completed learner who did the EPA for his Business Administrator standard this January who is triggering the warning. City and Guilds (EPA0008) are entered as the EPA Org, and are the ones who conducted it. I can’t really change it now – it has already happened.





    Hi Natalie

    I’m also getting the warning for learners with one of our EPAOs. I have checked the register and the EPAO is on the current latest register as approved for the apprenticeship standard our learners are on.

    I am looking on the basis of our warnings also being reported as a warning in error and not a valid warning. I did raise this with the helpdesk and was informed warnings are being investigated.

    For example, I have a few learners who have completed Recruitment Consultant Apprenticeship Level 3 and are now with Highfield (EPA0042) for their EPA. This apprenticeship is showing on the register for Highfield so I cannot see why I am getting a warning when the EPA is valid for the apprenticeship on the current register for May 2019.




    Providers have been strongly encouraged to move from Frameworks to Standards so when the Early Years Educator Standard became “Ready for delivery” (their words not mine) on 4th April we duly switched all new starters. However, although there have been a number of applicants to beome EPAOs (this is a popular apprenticeship), none have been awarded yet.

    We have now been advised that all our learners will be “in error” from R12 and funding will cease and clawbacks implemented. What are we supposed to do? We’re being punished for following government policy. Should we withdraw these learners? Having explained the benefits of Standards do we now take them back to start and re-issue them as Frameworks? The learners have signed legal contracts!



    Steve Bowler

    Hi Liam,

    If you remove the EPA code and also the TNP-2 financial record from the ILR you should be fine as it will then only show up as a warning (EPA price missing) instead of the error. Your learners should then be funded and then you’ll have to add these two bits back onto the ILR once an EPAO has been approved…



    Richard Phipps

    We are also getting this error. The EPA is on the register but there are no end dates for us to see if that is why it’s triggering. I have raised it with the Service Desk who have advised me that a dedicated team has been setup to look at this and why it is not working correctly.

    They have been told to pass all issues onto this team for this error, but they don’t know what happens next or if we will get an update to say it is now resolved (as it only appears on the HUB/Submit Learner Data side, not the FIS).




    WE are also geting this error, very frustrating, we only had a warning when there was no EPAO but now we have and EPAO and cost we get the error
    Has anyone had an outcome to resolve this?


    Richard Phipps

    Ro: They have now changed this back to a warning on the HUB (not on the Submit Learner Data side). Are you still getting errors in the HUB reports?



    HI Richard
    I submitted via the new HUB about an hour ago which gave me the error i will try again via the old HUB and see what happens
    thank you



    Hi we have no EPA added as our learners are in a 4 yr apprenticeship and we are just in the process of contracting with an EPAO but no price as yet. I thought i would have lots of errors for these learners but just 200 warnings.

    Can anyone confirm that if not an error i am ok to add all the EPA info during next period (R01) without financial implications?


    Cris Hale

    Hi Erica,

    It is only a warning for not having an EPA recorded at all – I think that changes to an error when you’re two months away from the predicted end.

    I would suggest adding one or two EPA Orgs and submitting an ILR return to see if you get an error – if you do, you can just undo that and hold off on entering them until this is all sorted out.


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