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  • robS4S

    We have not done levy transfer before and we have been able to find all levy ERNs without issue in the past.

    With the levy transfer apprenticeship learners we are having trouble finding ERNs for their relevant employer.

    Do we need the ERN for the Levy transferee instead? In which case what value do we use for the start date, as the learner does not work for them.



    Cris Hale

    Hi Rob,

    It’s perfectly common for any employer to not have ERNs for any sites. It is less likely than with non-levy companies, as they have frequently had training before, but I wouldn’t say it was cause for concern. I am slightly confused by your use of the term ‘levy ERNs’ – there’s no distinction between ERNs for Levy and non-Levy companies. I would suggest that you just add new records – they will need verifying anyway, so any concerns you have could be listed in the notes for the EDRS guys to check out.

    If that answers your question then this bit isn’t important, but what do you mean by ‘Levy transferee’? It sounds like you mean the new employer, but you’ve said the learner doesn’t work for them? Do you mean to say that one of your levy clients is tranferring some of their pot to another employer? In that case, I don’t believe anything would need to be recorded on the ILR as that is between the levy-paying companies and theoretically nothing to do with you, but I would appreciate confirmation from a third party.

    Hope that helps,

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    Thanks, I guess we have just been lucky in the past.

    Yes, a levy company is allowing their pot to be shared with non-levy companies. The Employment details in the ERN have to match the Apprenticeship Service data, so I will have to generate ERNs for the non-levy companies.

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