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    We have issues with a learning aim code for a roll over Apprentice (started in 13/14, due to finish in 14/15). The Learning aim code entry in LARS has an error, which results in the record being invalid in R06. It was correct for the final return in 13/14. I have been assured this will be fixed by the next ILR return. My question is, has R06 to be showing as error free on the hub? Should i take this Apprentice learning aim code off my R06 ILR return?



    Hi Sheila

    There is no obligation to have an error free file. This only ever applied to the old FE Collections and was withdrawn as a requirement when we moved to the single iLR collection

    Trevor – SFA


    Caspar Verney

    Hi Sheila,

    As I understand it, if a Learner has an Error then that means you will get no funding for them, but that everything else in your file will pass OK. As Trevor has said, error-free is not compulsory.

    As a temporary workaround you could consider entering your Learner on a Proxy Aim in your Return. Your Learner would continue to study exactly what they are now, but the Proxy Aim in your Return would not cause the error. To do this you have to set the LDM FAM code against the Proxy Aim to 118. The Proxy Aim should be one that passes through LARS OK and is the nearest available that you can find. The Proxy Aim is entered instead of the problem/error Aim. Your funding would then be assessed/paid based on that Proxy and you would have an error-free file.

    Then when the Authorities fix LARS for your problematic Aim then you must change your Learner back onto the right Aim in your data and remove the LDM118. This needs to occur within the academic year ideally.

    If you choose to do this then please ensure that you document it carefully so that you can withstand any Audit.




    Thank you for all your replies.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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