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  • Shelagh1

    As an AEB funded provider for 19+ Adults, are we able to be the match fund for an ESF project with one of our departments in the Local Authority.

    I believed the answer was no, but the Ways to Work programme are indicating that they have been informed that we can provide Match.



    Martin West

    AEB Funding rules:
    118. You must not use the payments that we make as match funding for any ESF projects with any co-financing organisation or Managing Authority direct bids.




    Hi Martin

    Thanks. This is what I thought, however speaking to a colleague who has attended a meeting, we are being informed that from August, we will be able to do this. Obviously we will then belong to a combined authority.

    Confused …..




    Just to muddy the waters a little, how about this theory off the top of my head.

    Imagine you have £1m allocation for Community Learning.

    That core bit of funding cannot be used to match to ESF (even though as I understand it the ESFA don’t use funding model 10 for ESF matching purposes).

    But… Each provider has a locally determined fee policy (pound plus), to leverage in further income (or reduce costs) and plough back into delivery.

    So lets say you generate £200k of fee income off that £1m – Could you use that for ESF match funding. It’s not part of the AEB so arguably not a contractual sticking point?



    I agree regarding the income generation and as a small provider, we generate income proportionate to our service capacity and requirements so I would probably say that due to ESF projects usually being quite large amounts, this may not be attractive as an offer.

    My thoughts are confused in terms of us becoming a combined authority – I am wondering if there is an agreement of change in terms of the procedures, although it worries me that this is something we have not been directly informed of and that even though funding will be devolved from August, the actual funding still comes from the same source, so surely the same rules on ESF apply.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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