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  • lharkins

    Hi all
    My SMT has asked me to look in to the requirements and rules regarding ESF projects and in particular the rules and requirement regarding match funding

    I have downloaded what seems to be several hundreds of documents in attempt to get my head around it but to be honest the match funding requirements and rules dont seem to be that clear – maybe its just me not yet used to ESF speak 🙂

    Does anyone know if there is a single document that gives a definitive guide to match funding? like i said i have the rules and any number of other documents that provide bits of information

    I understand the basics such as what is classed as direct and indirect but seem to be struggling with a definition or set of rules id be happy to go back with

    For example, it is my understanding that ideally, match funding sources would be guaranteed cash from whatever source. What about other sources however. Small equipment for example. Is an item bought for the project simply a project cost or can it be classed as match?

    If anyone delivering ESF projects has any guide or knows of where i can find a useful official guide i would be most grateful – hopefully prior to my head exploding…



    Match funding only applies to the Adult Education Budget and non-levy apprenticeships. Funding for 16-18 year olds or from levy employers is not used for match funding purposes.

    I cant advise how you can work out what can contribute towards match funding for your organisation but I can help a little on the compliance side. You will need to ensure that:
    your website displays the ESF logo
    your learners are informed that their course may be used for match funding purposes (we add this to our enrollment form)
    a ESF poster is displayed in all delivery locations (if you have a look on the internet you will find some templates for each funding stream)

    If you look in the relevant funding document for the provision you are delivering, AEB for example you will find a section on Match funding and a link within that section to the ESF branding page explaining the above in a little more detail.

    Hope this helps, Kelly.

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    Martin Locock

    The key document is the National Eligibility rules

    The basic principle is that match funding is treated as income and can be parts of eligible expenditure which are not funded by the ESf grant, and/or cash or other contributions.

    Your example of small equipment purchases is mentioned in the rules as ok as long as the purchases are necessary and are solely for the use of the project.

    Income as well as expenditure is subject to verification and audit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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