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    Paul ESFA

    The Education and Skills Funding Agency is developing an online help centre for education and training providers. The aim is to make sure our key tools, services and guidance are easy to find, as well as making information available to resolve common issues.

    Our first version of the help centre is now available at:

    We receive a number of queries that can be resolved by signposting customers to the right service / guidance or by providing a templated response with a resolution. By making those templates and links to key pages more easily available, education and training providers will not have to raise those queries or wait for responses. This has tested particularly well with people who are relatively new to the FE and skills sector.

    We intend to continuously improve the help centre. For example we will monitor the search terms to better understand what customers are looking for, and continue to add information to address the most common queries. We also work very closely with support teams to identify common queries they think can be resolved online.

    As well as continuing to add to and improve the content, there are other features we’ll look at too. Such as simplifying the enquiry form, bringing feconnect onto the same platform, so that as well as searching official guidance you can also see any related discussions that your peers are having.

    We will also use all of this insight to work with colleagues across the ESFA to address problems at source. For example, if we see users consistently search to find specific guidance or services, we’ll take steps to improve the GOV.UK journey or content.

    We would really welcome your feedback on this, so that we can continue to develop it based on your input. There is a feedback survey built into the header of the live service or you can contact the team directly at

    Many thanks



    Michelle L

    This is a great idea and very welcome I’m sure

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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