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    So we have just received our remittance advice and as per usual it is totally different to what we were expecting going by the Funding summary report and the final end reports.

    Just wondering whether anyone else is in the same position?





    Loads of minus figures, no rhyme or reason, no explanation. A payment much less than we were expecting.

    And still waiting on a reply from the Service Desk regarding the query we had with last months Remittance.




    It is just so frustrating!!!!



    Same old same old. This is so frustrating month on month . Myself and a colleague have just spent ALL morning trying to reconcile the reports against the remittances. Managed to get some results but like you all lots of reconciliation negative amounts where we seem to have been capped/uncapped. Eventually rang the ESFA/Service Desk – wasted 35 mins of our day as they could not get it resolved either. Resulted in an “incident” being logged. Suppose we will have to wait until next month to maybe get it resolved.
    When are they going to make things easier to resolve by getting legible reports to us?



    We’re also having issues, we’re struggling to reconcile the remittance advice with the Period End Funding summary report that’s generated in the apps period end zip file in the hub. Maybe we should share how we’re reconciling these two reports?

    I’ve started a thread elsewhere as we also have an issue with payments and withdrawals without a contract number in the remittance advice. Does anyone else have this?


    Louise Clarke

    Thank god – I thought I was going mad!

    The ESFA at its very best again – just what you need before Christmas!

    Ill assume a response from them by Christmas 2019!



    The LSC and then the SFA talked for years about “simplified funding”. I am so pleased they have managed to achieve this finally. We are struggling with it, I am convinced they are struggling with it. The horse turned out to be a camel.

    I also have outstanding service desk issues, not their fault.They are stuck in the middle and no doubt up to their necks. That can’t be a nice job either!

    I wonder who has now gone into hiding following their wonderful idea behind all of this stuff?



    A quick update, after quite a painful process of traingulating all of the 2017/18 and additional bits coming in or going back for 2017/18 over the 2018/19 year detail from P2 through to P4 and cross-checking to the indicative reports and the monthly payment reports it does balance.

    It is complex without doubt in this simplified funding system!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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