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  • imorrison

    Can anyone shed a bit more light on claiming Excess Learning Support funding?

    For context we are an employer-provider who are running a new apprenticeship programme, specifically aimed at people with learning disabilities/difficulties. All of our learners have Education Health and Care Plans and I am aware of the £1000 additional funding payment we can claim and the additional learning support funding of £150 a month.

    The support required is likely to exceed the £150 a month, so Excess Learning Support Funding will need to be explored.

    I have read the funding rules and am aware of the process of how to claim Excess Learning Support, but would like more clarity on whether we can use this towards staff salaries. Can excess learning support directly be used to pay for e.g. an assessor salary, as the assessor would likely spend weekly time with the learners.

    If Excess Learning Support can be used towards staff salary, does this need to be calculated on a basis of anything above and beyond what an assessor may normally provide on our other apprenticeship programmes e.g. if the assessor normally visits monthly, then we calculate the excess based on weekly visits?

    Any further clarification would be greatly appreciated.

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    Martin West

    Your assumptions are correct in that you can only claim learning support for support requirements that are over and above that provided to a standard apprentice. The support required should be evidenced and costed on a learning support plan and any excess over the £150/month can be claimed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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