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  • Luke Burns

    Hi there,

    Does anyone know if it is possible to charge fees for additional components of a study programme if the component is delivered outside of the college? We are planning to run a football academy sports programme, which will include a core qualification taught on-site, but also extra sports coaching (not an accredited qual), access to football facilities, sports therapy, etc., for which we would need to charge.

    I’m aware that paragraph 16.g of the funding guidance for young people lays out what can be charged, but I’m not sure how best to interpret this part (emphasis added):

    Travel, board and lodging and other additional costs, including any tuition costs, associated with field trips and similar activities that may form part of or be outside the requirement of the course syllabus or agreed study programme.

    Does anyone have any experience in this area? The sport facility we have partnered with is quite expensive so finding a way to balance these costs would be handy!

    Many thanks,



    Martin West

    Hi Luke,
    You could also consider the following but as with vi ‘where it is not a requirement of a course syllabus’ but your description of the programme indicates it is?

    v. The recreational use of leisure and other non-academic facilities where the activity taking place is not a requirement of a course syllabus or not part of a student union membership free entitlement.



    Luke Burns

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for responding, yeah I did consider v since it explicitly states leisure facilities, but unfortunately access to the academy is essential to the programme, so we couldn’t justify it that way.

    The benefit of vi is that it allows the activity to be part of the programme, but it’s a shame that it doesn’t provide a more comprehensive definition of what they consider to be acceptable activities.


    Luke Burns

    Another question – if anyone knows…

    The rules regarding fees and charging for AEB fully funded students seem more restrictive and less detailed than those provided for Young People – I’m looking at paragraphs 66-67 of the AEB funding rules.

    Can the same principles as laid out in paragraph 16.g of the guidance for Young People be applied to fully funded AEB learners, or should they simply not be charged anything related to the course (for instance essential course trips)?


    Ruth CJ

    Will these students be 16-18, and if so, will you already be claiming band 5 just on the on-site delivery? If not, can you add some of the off-site delivery as EEP hours? If these are elite athletes, coaching and other activities could easily be about employability, it might even be work experience.


    Luke Burns

    Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for responding, these will be 16-18, fully funded (band 5) even without the additional tuition, so unfortunately the extra hours won’t have any impact on the funding.


    Ruth CJ

    Sounds like you can only charge if it’s an optional extra then. Could you have a model where some students just do the onsite part, and some choose to do the extras? If it’s a band 5 programme anyway, it should be a viable course without the additional bits.

    I think the restrictions on charging really are far less tight with AEB. You can charge as long as they could pass their programme without whatever you’re charging for.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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