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    All this Hub business may mean I’m not quite thinking straight but this message came through to all Holex MIS members just before 7pm yesterday.

    Dear all

    Please see the latest notice placed on FEConnect which I have been asked to circulate

    β€œIn the light of the issues with the R14 data submissions, please be advised that we are extending the deadline for submission of your final funding claims from close of play on Tuesday 28 October to close of play on Thursday 30 October. Please contact your CDS adviser (Email: Telephone: 0370 2670001) for any queries.”

    I have searched FE connect and can’t see any new posts related to this, Is it buried in one of the Threads? I’d have thought something like this would merit its own thread.
    (not that an extension to the claim deadline is any help, its an extension to the R14 that would have been better for providers)


    David Neal

    I picked it up on the GOV site yesterday.

    Agree, it’s R14 that’s more important. how about adding up the hours the Hub has been taken down, not worked, etc, over the last month, converting it to (working) days, and extending R14 by that amount?

    (I’ve restricted it to the last month. If you included all the time since inception we’d be getting close to R14, of 2014-2015!)


    Martin West

    Yes this confused a lot of College Principles who thought that R14 had been extended.


    Caspar Verney

    I think that this announcement was first made through the SFA Payments & Date page and then appeared on FeConnect at

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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